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Marc Shapiro

My Biography
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Associate Of Arts Degree - Journalism
East Los Angeles Community College

I have been a freelance entertainment journalist for 25 years specializing in movies, television, music, books, and authors for a number of national and international publications including Hit Parader, Faces, Dreamwatch, BAM, The L.A. Weekly, Guitar For The Practicing Musician, The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Harold Examiner, and The Orange County Register. Currently I am a regular contributor of feature articles and interviews to the following magazines: Starlog, Fangoria, Cinescape, Caustic Truths, and Snaggletooth.

Heartbreaker #1 - Color Special
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I am also the creator of the comic book Heartbreaker which is currently published through Ronin Studios. I am also the writer for the comic book Son-Lar which will be published through National Press Comics. I have sold several horror and dark fantasy short stories. The most recent of which appears in the anthology Sleeping With Snakes.
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